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Front Suspension – Parts List

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Ojdorson's spreadsheet

Ojdorson's front suspension parts spreadsheet

Here’s a spreadsheet of the parts needed . I’ve looked them all up at FCP, IPD, Tasca, SwedishAutoParts.com, and RMEuropean, then listed all their costs and color coded them by OEM, Aftermarket, IPD HD, etc.. I also highlighted the lowest price for each part in red text color.

Highly recommended:

  • Strut Bearing/Mount (3546189)
  • Strut mount Bushing – Spring Seat (864713 for 850, 30683637 for XC90)
  • Bump Stop – Helper Spring (9140067)
  • Coil Spring (3546642)
  • Strut Dust Boot (9140068)
  • Front Strut Assembly
  • Flange Bolt (982845)
  • Lock Nut – Strut Mount (948645)
  • Lock Nut – for Flange Bolt (971099)

Very Optional:

  • Flange Lock Nut (985660)
  • Washer – rubber spacer (30647969)
  • Strut Mount Bushing Retainer – cross nut (31262068)
  • Stop Washer (31201386)

Read the rest in the Volvo 850 Forum: Front Suspension – putting together a parts list


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