Volvo 850 Front Suspension Rebuild

Let’s talk Front Suspension Rebuild

Volvo 850 Front Suspension Rebuild

Volvo 850 complete front end rebuild Q&A.
1). Do I need to remove the spindle/hub from the control arm to remove the cv axle? I loosened the pinch bolt but didn’t separate.
2). I’ve heard that there are 2 types of control arms. I ordered the bushing set but from what I can tell this won’t work? Why would FCP sell this kit then? What are the signs of a control arm needing replacement?
3). The older inner tie rod doesn’t have the wrench indentations like the replacement. Does this item still unscrew from the steering rack? Do I simply put the pipe wrench on the round outer section and grind on it until it loosens?
4). The Haynes manual that I have doesn’t mention the re-torque specs for the steering and suspension items. Am I missing something here?
5). The drivers caliper has a section of the dust boot protruding out. I wasn’t able to tuck that section back in. My pads were completely gone so the piston was pretty far out. Is this boot situation something I need to worry about?

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