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Volvo Sub-frame mounts replacement

Sub-frame mounts replacement! Diagrams and the how-to’s are contained here! Thanks Bill!

volvo sub-frame mounts

Need help replacing your sub-frame mounts?

Sub-frame and mounts. The principal purposes of using a subframe are, to spread high chassis loads over a wide area of relatively thin sheet metal of a monocoque body shell, and to isolate vibration and harshness from the rest of the body. For example, in an automobile with its powertrain contained in a subframe, forces generated by the engine and transmission can be damped enough that they will not disturb passengers. As a natural development from a car with a full chassis, separate front and rear subframes are used in modern vehicles to reduce the overall weight and cost. In addition a subframe yields benefits to production in that subassemblies can be made which can be introduced to the main bodyshell when required on an automated line.

There are generally three basic forms of the subframe.

  1. A simple “axle” type which usually carries the lower control arms and steering rack.
  2. A perimeter frame which carries the above components but in addition supports the engine.
  3. A perimeter frame which carries the above components but in addition supports the engine, transmission and possibly full suspension. (As used on front wheel drive cars)

MVS Forum Member ccgaudette asks:

Hello all, I’m on the verge of doing all my 1993 850’s engine mounts save the main hydraulic mounts (front and rear of the engine bay) because I can see (and feel) that they are worn-out.

With those five needing replacement, I was thinking it would be good to replace the sub-frame mounts too. How do you do the sub-frame mounts? The parts are easy enough to come-by, but the step-by-step seems nowhere to be found!

Any advice appreciated.

Also, I am guessing that after doing all this, the front-end is going to need re-alignment?

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Is it not in the free downloadable 850 service manual in the sticky section? Although the S.M. is for a ’95 the mounts haven’t changed enough in 2 years to be that much different for your car- especially the subframe mounts.

Sub-frame mounts replacement

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