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Volvo Remote Starter

“All I have ever seen is trouble in the long run. Here is the gob of crap I pulled out from under the dash on my son’s car: If you choose to pull the trigger and buy one choose a quality shop and pay the extra. The guys in Chicago that did my son’s car just hacked the crap out of the wiring harness.”

Convenience vs. Reliability: which wins when deciding to install a remote starter on a Volvo?

Now that “she who should not be argued with” has to leave the house at 0400 hours (new England winter arrived this week!!), her parting words today were remote starter would be better than going out and starting it herself.

There’s not really much to these things.
Think of it as an imaginary person turning an invisible key for you.
The system just piggy backs the ignition switch.
They also reach out to monitor RPM, the hood and brake pedal.
It you have a stick, it gets a little trickier, but the technology is out there!

As posted above, INSTALLATION IS EVERYTHING with these systems!
Find someone with years of autostart experience that’s not
afraid to offer a solid, heavy duty warranty.

Volvo Remote Starter

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