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Fuel Pump Removal Made Easy

Thanks Luketrash for your write-up on going to the salvage yard to get a fuel pump out of a 850 wagon. This would apply to wagons up through ’00 as well:

Perhaps this will help someone else faced with fuel pump removal.

I purchased a pick’n’pull fuel pump out of a 138k Volvo 850 turbo today at my local salvage yard.

It didn’t take me very long to get it out once I thought about what tools I had on hand.

Here’s sort of a step by step, if anyone wants to write up a how-to.

Find your fuel pump access panel. I have a wagon, so it was under the inner flip-up panel in the hatch. Remove the 5 10mm nuts and use a flathead screwdriver to pry up the panel.

Pull the wiring harnesses free from their mounting point on the car (there’s all sorts of wires hooked up back there.)

* Depressurize your fuel system up under the hood next to the throttle pulley by unscrewing the cap on the schrader valve on the fuel rail. Blow the gas into a rag or something. No smoking!

Ok, back in the fuel pumpish area:

I found it very easy to use my spark plug boot pliers to pull the fuel lines free from the top of the pump. No risk of breaking things by using flathead screwdrivers.


Next, I used Jigaloo (use your silicone lubricant of choice) sprayed around the neck of the black retaining ring that holds the fuel pump onto the gas tank. I used it up by the top of the fuel pump as well as down around the bottom.

Then, since the retaining ring wasn’t budging by me using a mallet and screwdriver as a drift, I remembered my oil filter pliers. They worked very well to break it free and subsequently loosen the retaining ring:


Push all the little tubings and wires out of the way once you pull the retaining ring free and slowly pull out your fuel pump. If you’re like me, you have just filled your gas tank full right before doing this:


Out with the old, in with the new. Installation is the reverse of removal (don’t you hate it when you read that sentence???)


While I was putting away my tools, I noticed that my Austin Healey was trying to sneak into the hatch of my wagon….


The whole process took me less than a half hour including thinking about how to do the job as easy as possible.

Fuel Pump Removal Made Easy

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MotherBaker says:

I have a 1996 Volvo 850 glt and my husband just changed the fuel pump. He had the parts store cross check with Volvo to find the fuel pump that was compatible so that I would not have to buy the entire fuel pump assembly as well. The problem is that when he took the pump out of the plastic housing, I believe he may have put the spring in wrong. Do anyone have a diagram or can answer which way the spring should go back in? Should the spring actually be stretched and the fuel pump put on it, or be placed on top of the fuel pump then placed back in the housing unit? I hope this make sense. Thank you.

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