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General Helpful Repair Tips

Volvo repair

Looking for Volvo Repair?

Volvos are known for their safety, reliability and longevity. With routine maintenance and repair, Volvos can top the 250,000-mile mark easily. Dealer repairs are often very expensive on these luxury vehicles, however, so it is wise to have a few do-it-yourself repair tips under your tool belt.

MVS Forum Member bjornfam writes:

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who post on this site. I just did major maintenance on my 850t wagon, replaced a radiator, timing belt, water pump, tensioners etc, front and rear camshaft seals, distributor etc. I’ve always replaced my own brakes, alternators–basically anything bolt on, but was very nervous to tackle the interference valve style timing belt.

I got even more nervous when I saw how far apart I had taken my car but am glad to report that after a few days, my car has recovered from its operation and is running very smoothly.

All the info I have read here was extremely helpful. And while I cannot give much advice to the seeming pros on this board, I would like to offer tips to poor newbies like myself who may be considering tackling some some of their own jobs for whatever reason:

1. Be safe. You can always buy more parts but not more digits. No cheap jackstands and jacks.
2. Be patient. A lot of that has to do with being comfortable. Make sure you have good lighting, good seating and decent tools. Arrange to be without your car for a few days in case things take longer than expected. Pre-set plans will ease your stress.
3. Tackle the job in small increments to keep your sanity.
4. Read through the job several times. Pay attention to safety issues.
5. Reward yourself – when you just saved 600 bucks on labor, go buy yourself a new handy tool that will make the next job easier.
6. Keep your car forever because the second time is always faster.

love my volvo wagon though some of you would be shocked. I use it like a truck. I can’t think of too many things I haven’t thrown in it.

MVS Forum Member IceTurbo adds:

If your timing belt fails, the engine will stop working immediately. There is no warning, generally, possibly worn bearings.

These are interference engines on the 850s, so the pistons will actually contact the valves, causing them to bend. If your timing belt snaps, a head re-build is required at the minimum. If you don’t know how old your timing belt is, replace it for the peace of mind (my advice). There are plenty of helpful hints here on this board.

General Helpful Repair Tips

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