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Grease on CV joints: Volvo 2002 V70XC

Let’s talk grease on CV joints. A grease leak is the first symptom that is most commonly associated with a bad or failing CV boot cover. Over time, with exposure to the elements, a CV boot can become dry and brittle, so they crack and tear.

When a CV boot cracks or tears it will usually leak grease onto the inside of the wheel and front suspension. Often times the grease can also be flung onto the chassis or even the lower exterior of your Volvo as the CV axle turns. A torn boot can also allow dirt, debris, and moisture to enter the CV joint, which could eventually cause it to fail.

If you also notice vibrations or a clicking noise during turns, you could be in for a complete CV axle replacement. But first things first:

FritzMissel  wrote:

I recently purchased a used XC (57K miles) from a reputable local dealer. The car is like new…very clean…except for some thick grease on the right passenger side CV boot or axle boot…not sure which. There is a grease shield protecting the serpentine belt so I’m wondering if this is normal. Could someone confirm? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Grease on CV joints: Volvo 2002 V70XC

Grease on CV joints can be a sign of larger issues.

It’s Probably Torn and Leaking Grease

There should be no grease on the outside of the joint. Usually, this is a sign that the boot is torn and leaking. It probably needs a new boot. Any clicking noise when you’re turning? If so, the worst case is that you may even be in for an axle shaft replacement.

Here’s a fantastic DIY on how to fix a bad CV boot.


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