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Volvo Trans Slow to Shift Into Drive

volvo trans

Is your volvo trans slow to shift into drive?

An automatic Volvo trans, also called auto, self-shifting transmission, n-speed automatic (where n is its number of forward gear ratios), or AT, is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. Like other transmission systems on vehicles, it allows an internal combustion engine, best suited to run at a relatively high rotational speed, to provide a range of speed and torque outputs necessary for vehicular travel. The number of forward gear ratios is often expressed for manual transmissions as well (e.g., 6-speed manual).

MVS Forum Member FritzMissel asks:

I recently purchased a 2002 XC70 with 57K miles on it…looks like new inside and out. Only complaint is that when I shift from park or reverse into drive, there is a second or two delay. Anyone else have this problem? Is it a problem or typical for this car? I notice a slight delay in just about everything else (door locks, etc). Mechanic drove car and said the delay was normal. Once in drive it shifts like a champ. I know there have been no software upgrades. Thanks!

MVS Forum Member Gunnar75 added:

I have a 2001 S60 2.4t with 70k and it does the same thing. I plan to get into the dealer for the software updates but I really do not trust any dealership.

I may wait until it dies then fix it. Had several cars that the Volvo trans went out very soon after a “flush”.

Any advice would help me as well

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

The Volvo trans dies if the fluid is old and damage has already been done. Flush it early and avoid its death….seriously.

MVS Forum Member 2002V70 replied:

My car has the same problem. Only happens when the car is cold. If you just rev the engine slightly in neutral before putting trans in drive, it will not have the delay. This is obviously not a fix but it should prolong the Volvo trans life.
B.T.W I have flushed the Volvo trans twice with 12 liters of fluid each time and have had the software update done. Nil fix.
I spoke with a Volvo trans mechanic and he says probably the drive solenoid is weak and slow to engage in the cold. Reving it will supply more fliud press and move the solenoid.

MVS Forum Member a240zinga added:

My 2000 is doing the same thing. Its at the shop this weekend again getting another flush and refill. Second time in 20k. My mechanic which I trust says its the selonoids are sticking on drive and hopefully flushing it will clean it out he hopes. He said that the only place he could find the selonoids at was teh dealer and it was 1800 dollars. He said if we could make it last another year or two they should be available aftermarket soon. Its only got 131k on it by the way and its a non turbo. I was wanting to know where you or anybody else got the seloniods from. I know I could do it myself or else Id get my Volvo trans guy to do it for me if I was feeling too lazy.
Yes this is my first posting but everybody else leaves such good posts all I have needed to do is read and I find anything im looking for. Great site thank you in advance.

Transmission Slow to Shift Into Drive

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no “check engine” lights or anything? mine does that also and it’s the “turbine sensor” that’s gone bad… kinda a delay and sucks when parallel parking

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