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GSP and FEB Axles = Bad Experience

Let’s talk GSP and FEB Axles

spseminara wrote: 

I noticed that the inner boot on my driver’s side axle was ripped after 180,000 miles on it. About 12 years ago when I did them originally I just purchased the boots from the dealers. After speaking with a couple of mechanics they all recommended on just purchasing a new axle since it’s easier and costs under $100. Apparently after a call to my local Volvo parts dept. the boots are no longer available; only full axles are available for $400.


Night #1: Pickup Full Axle from Advanced Auto (GSP) for $100.00
Installed in under 60 minutes.
Once on the highway I noticed a bit of a vibration between 50-60 when approaching WOT.

Night #2: Pickup Full Axle from CarQuest (FEB) for $120.00
Installed in 90 minutes since the C clip in the GSP was in there pretty good.
When installing I also verified that the FEB unit is marked GSP
Once on the highway I noticed the same vibration.

Night #3: Pickup Replacement Boots (REIN) for Volvo original Axle
Installed in under 90 minutes
Once on the highway, BLISS.

GSP and FEB Axles – Beware of vibration

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