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Heater Hose Firewall Coupler Delete w/pics

Heater Hose Firewall

MVS forums member burnout8488 writes a very good DIY piece on fixing a cracked heater hose:

I, like many, had a cracked heater hose junction at the firewall. This came in a lot cheaper than a new one.

Cut the hose to the proper lengths in the cabin (total guesswork, it’s so cramped), install the pipes onto the heater core, and clamp it down! Worm gear clamps will NOT work here, as there is no room between the gas pedal and the heater hoses. You will need to get some clamps like the ones shown. I stole some off of a family member’s Corolla. 🙂

Heater Hose Firewall Coupler Delete

Your gas pedal mounting bracket may need to be trimmed if using different clamps. Nothing a Dremel can’t solve.

Heater Hose Firewall Coupler Elimination w/pics

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