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Wired Reviews the Volvo 780 Debut and Life

Let’s talk Volvo 780 Debut

Published earlier this year is Wired’s review of the 25th anniversary of the Volvo 780. Not actually a review of the car, but more a review of its introduction, design, and legacy.

The Volvo 780: Where Sophia Loren Met Rosie the Riveter

Cute, Wired.

If you know Wired, you know they’re not a car-specific publication, so don’t expect anything deep. I did enjoy the comments :-).

Volvo 780

I’m squarely in the group who believes the 780 to be handsome. But I can see why there are those who disagree. I think it’s a point-of-view thing, and I’d gamble $10 to say the design dislikers, for the most part, are a younger set who didn’t live in the 70s/80s.

Comments taken in this 780 topic in the Volvo Forum. Volvo 780 Debut

Bonus! More on the Volvo 780

When the doors to the 1985 international motor show in Geneva were thrown open to the public, the spotlight fell on an all-new Volvo model.

The Volvo 780 was an exclusive 2-door coupé. It was designed by Italian styling house Bertone, which was also responsible for production of these exceptional cars, having gained prior experience with the manufacture of the Volvo 264TE (a limousine version of the 264) and the Volvo 262C, the coupé version of Volvo’s 260.

The Volvo 780 combined elegant, timeless design with a clear Volvo identity. The interior was also unique to this model, and the rear seat was individually shaped for two occupants.

In technical terms, the Volvo 780 was largely based on the 760 model.

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