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How COLD is your AC? What’s Your Temp Drop?

How COLD is your AC


Good thread on procedure to measure AC charge on P80 cars from expert jimmy57…

MVS forum user cn90’s opening question:

Since I bought the car new (1998 V70) in 1998, our family has noticed that the AC is “cool”, not ice cold.

  • AC Clutch checked/shimmed and gap is 0.30mm. Compressor runs well, zero issues.
  • Low Side R134a pressure is 45 psi with engine running and AC “On”.
  • Ambient Temp today is 90F.
  • Temp at Center Vent (Fan Blower Motor at 3/5 setting) is 68F, or a “temp drop” of only 22F!
  • (For comparison purpose, my 1998 BMW 528i has center vent of 60F on the same day, or a “temp drop” of 30F)
  • Ideally the “temp drop” (the difference between ambient temp and center vent) should be 30-40F.

So the $1M question for all you guys Volvo heads….how “cold” is your AC?

In other words, what is your “temp drop” when your AC runs properly?

How COLD is your AC? What’s Your Temp Drop?

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