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How Much for a Volvo Keyfob?!

Volvo Keyfob

MVS Volvo Forums member RocketUSA went to a Volvo dealer for a key + remote (Volvo “Keyfob”) for his 2004 V70:

I just was quoted $409 to get a second Volvo keyfob. I’m truly in shock.

This is just about the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long while. I just want to confirm that there’s really no way to program this fob myself. 2004 V70.

Whoa. JRL, a longtime forum contributor and small-volume Volvo seller responds:

A cut key without programming will unlock the door but will not start the car… I don’t know what retail even is, I pay 10% over cost which is something in the area of $140-$150 but…it still needs TWO software downloads and most dealers charge an hour which is a rip off but they do it and get away with it. My dealer does not charge anything to cut the key.

A single key costs me about $125 out the door, a switchblade about $200, (about 1/2 your quote).
Lot of markup here.

$409!!! They must go to training to say that with a straight face. I once sold a car for $300. This is a freaking key.

Ok, end rant.

I thought about having a plain key cut to at least be able to unlock the door in case of locking the real key in there. Will that work, or is there an antenna at the door lock that detects the chip?

2004 V70 Key fob $409?

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