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The Final Word on Volvo Remote Programming

volvo remote programming

Look no further to find out the final word on volvo remote programming.

The Volvo keyless entry remote control must be reprogrammed if its batteries go dead. You may prefer to avoid having your local dealer reprogram it for around $150 per key. If you don’t have the owner’s manual to read the programming instructions, unfortunately the Volvo manuals aren’t available online for free. Further complicating the matter is that all Volvo car models with owner-programmable fobs were discontinued by 1998. Furthermore, the instructions vary between models. Therefore, trying to program the remote control on your own may be a matter of trial and error.

MVS ForumMember angelglo asks:


so i progammed my spare remote and it went fine. then i noticed that the other remote wasnt working so i program that one also. well, i go back to the spare one again and it again is not programmed. it was just programming one at a time with only one being programmed. i try to do both at the same time but it didnt seem to work. can anyone shed some light on how to program two at the same time?


MVS Forum Member voltech1 replied:

On the old two button remotes do the five key turns (doors closed) then push a button on each remote one after the other.
S/V 70 takes VGLA pin code through VST that requires a trip to the dealer which will cost you 1/2 hour to 1 hour labor.
All the other 99 and newer take software and can only be downloaded once so dont buy used remotes for these models. Software should only be $25 plus one hour labor dealers like to round up. One software will do three remotes. With the whole CD thing the CD stands for “Crap Discharge.”

MVS Forum Member Bill S70 T5 adds:

Yep had same issues problems with remotes too (98 S70 T5) Volvo invented this really complex system of using the VIN number to download a PIN number then programming the remote, it takes a while for all this to be done so costs a fortune in labor and is pretty hit an miss too, I got a real good local guy that only works on Volvos, he can do mine but will have to charge the same labor costs as a dealer, he quotes a minimum of 2 hours (dealer needs a whole day !!), mainly getting the program an PIN from the Volvo site then trying to get the cars computer to take it.

Hope this helps

The Final Word on Remote Programming

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