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How To Install Vida On Windows 10


AaronsVolvo » Hi all, I recently bought a Dice with Vida software off of ebay. I am not in any way shape or form a computer person. When I ordered my Vida+Dice I had no idea what I was getting into(yes I know, my own big mistake!).

I have a windows 10 Home laptop. Is it possible at all to make Vida work on this?

I mainly just need to use the device long enough to fix code P0722 Output transmission speed sensor on my 99 V70. I need to find out which sensor for sure is bad and when I replace the sensor I need to reset the code. I do not need Vida+Dice long term as I will only own this car long enough to get it running correctly in tip top shape.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, I am sorry for my computer ignorance :)

RickHaleParker » 

  • Try reinstalling the DiCE Software from the RePack.iso
  • Reboot after install
  • If reinstalling does not work try this

Partner group for North America is AME, 2 will log you straight into the AME Partner group.
AME = North America
EUR = Europe
INT = International Misc
NOR = Nordic Countries

admin: Administrator
1: International Arabia and China
2: North America
3: Nordic Countries
4: Europe & International except Arabia and China.

AaronsVolvo » Okay so what I had to do was uninstall the disc from when I tried to load it the other day, before I tried downloading the repack.
Then I downloaded the repack.iso correctly.
All of it downloaded successfully this time, all of the icons are back on the screem (all in one, admin, config, vida on web).
So I go to download the patch, I download it, go to the file, click it, load to c:\ , install, then a black box appears and says tskill.exe is not recognised as an internal or external command
then it goes away. Is this what it is supposed to do?

I tried logging into Vida all in one as administrator, i go to type the login and it will not type anything into the box. I cannot copy and paste into the Username: box or type, it just wont take it.
So I went to google, found someone that said they had the same problem before installing the patch. So Obviously I have missed something again….

pappy76 » I’m also trying this install, but while running the second script the vida software part fails. The other 2 parts say ok but the vida part sais couldnt install.
I’m gonna try a fresh install to see if I’m missing something but the instructions are pretty clear. Anybody have a similar problem?


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