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What is DiCE?


DiCE is the Middleman

DiCE is electronic hardware that connects your Volvo to a computer running Volvo diagnostic software called VIDA. It allows two-way communication between VIDA and a Volvo car, primarily to enable a mechanic to either get diagnostic information from the Volvo to fix a problem, or to update the Volvo with the latest Volvo software (“service updates”).

DiCE uses a Bluetooth connection to transfer information between VIDA and the vehicle. A USB cable can be used as an alternative to the Bluetooth connection.

In shop environments, up to four DiCE units can connect one car each to one computer to increase productivity.

Unsurprisingly, DiCE’s beginnings are easily explained in a Volvo PDF document DiCE_Bulletin.pdf.

DiCE Background

VCT2000 was developed as a communication tool between VADIS and vehicles for the introduction of S80 in 1998. Electronics and functionality have developed since then and we need a more up-to-date product. The new product is called DiCE.

DiCE is a trademark and stands for Diagnostic Communication Equipment. It is mandatory to have DiCE to comply with Volvo standards. The mandatory DiCE Basic Kit and a number of DiCE products will be sent to you automatically. There is no need to place an order unless you want even more DiCE products for your workshop.

Once DiCE has been implemented in all workshops all over the world, we will stop supporting VCT2000. When you replace a VCT2000 with a DiCE, you will get a cut-in price equal to the residual value of your VCT2000 if you send it in to Volvo. This price reduction is already factored into the price of Basic Kit and Superseding DiCE. The procedure to use is described under “36002170 Superseding DiCE”. Note! Read through this Tool Bulletin thoroughly in order to fully understand what you need and what procedure to follow.

DiCE Components

Part number / Description
9513000 DiCE
9513001 DiCE Test Unit
9513002 USB Cable, 5 metres
9513003 USB Cable, 1 metre
9513004 Power Supply Cable
9513005 Bluetooth Unit
9513006 USB cable, 2 metres
9513007 USB cable, 0.7 metre
36002169 DiCE Basic Kit
36002170 Superseding DiCE
8252233 DiCE Exchange

DiCE Knockoffs Aplenty

To Volvo’s chagrin, China is producing DiCE clones, and those products are finding their way to shadetree mechanics all over the world. Here’s an example of DiCE clones. Naturally with a pirated product, quality varies widely. You can find many examples of buyers finding 100% functional clones, and examples of buyers finding clones that are missing features. See the MVS DiCE forum to read about them.

Most often, a buyer in the US pays somewhere between $100 and $200 and waits 2-3 weeks to get his DiCE clone.

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