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Instrument Cluster conversion with installation instructions

Ready for a Instrument Cluster conversion?

Instrument Cluster conversion with installation instructions

MVS member bnzlva » *NOTE* I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you are already replacing the instrument cluster as the standard lower unit with time and temp is simply plugged into the cluster whereas the optional lower unit with information system is soldered directly to the cluster’s circuit board.

To install:

  • Remove instrument cluster
  • Pop out one of the dummy covers to the right of the ignition and feed the wiring harness and plug through the hole. Start to install the cluster so that the back of the cluster is facing upward toward the ceiling (this will make it much easier to plug in the rear wiring harness). Plug in the wiring harness into the back of the new instrument cluster.
  • Finish installing the new instrument cluster.

It’s really that easy!

It seems that one of two things is true: Either all of the 850 ECU’s are programmed for the optional system or the programming is in the optional lower unit itself. Whichever is true, mine works perfectly.
Now, of course, it is highly recommended that you replace the commonly used bulbs before installing any used cluster. Hope this helps someone else with the same idea!

Instrument Cluster conversion with installation instructions

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Harry thompson says:

Having the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?

I replaced my instrument cluster, but now the new one is dead. Do I need to reset something or go to the dealer and have it flashed??

how to reset the instrument cluster on a 2003 vovlo s60. I got an used one but it does not show anyting .

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