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Project: Volvo Interior LED Lights Upgrade DIY Tutorial

I say probably because there’s a good chance the bulbs are the same across those models. Detailed DIY instructions and photos are included in this tutorial post by MVS Contributor Red Arrow. Bravo!

Red-Arrow writes: 

“Well guys the old tungsten bulbs give off a orange glow that is fine but makes the car feel dated when the modern cars come with the crisp white LED lighting.

I decide to buy those SMD surface mount diode bulbs on Ebay. The problem was even though they are plug and play the SMD bulbs are polarity directions +- are fixed and they won’t work in with -+. Guess what the Volvo’s lighting is -+ dam it!

Well It required a rethink and I was going to remake the lamp holders but that was hassle. The simplest solution was to rewire the bulb by flipping the polarity using wires….”

Interior LED Lights Upgrade  DIY tutorial

Observe the cool blue light from this LED light upgrade. Nice.

ecbsykes wrote:
“So I finally got around to installing the new lights. I replaced the 4 courtesy lights with 12-LED SMD boards and the 1 cargo area light with a 24-LED SMD board. The difference is INCREDIBLE. I like that it is pure white light, and when I need to turn them on to see something… I can actually see something! They also don’t heat up to 500 degrees.

For the front courtesy lights, I used double-stick tape to secure them to this little metal push-tab that is right above the light bulb holder.

For the rear passenger lights, the installation is a bit more difficult. I’m a stickler about having everything perfect and I didn’t want to just let them dangle around in there at funny angles. I removed the clip which holds the lights into place (the lights stay up there just fine without it…) and then placed the boards up against the lens. I used a little duct tape as insulation against the back of the board: You MUST do this! First time I got a spark when I accidentally bumped the bulb holder and shorted the whole system. Blew the fuse! Then I just used some Goop to glue the board in place. The result is fantastic.”

Interior LED lights upgrade with pictures.

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