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iPD Summer Sale Items: Bought

I couldn’t help myself during the iPD Summer Sale. I’m powerless in the face of Volvo 850-compatible performance parts 10-15% off. Ok, most aren’t actually performance parts, but hey, you just can’t go driving around in public without a wiper fluid reservoir cap. Incidentally, this is the second or third OEM replacement cap since I bought my 850 in 2000.

The coil and spark plugs will give the electrics a much-needed boost. I believe the plugs are 30k miles old now. Coil is original. Plug wires and distributor are new-ish, so I’ll be good on spark for a while. New plugs are good old copper FR7DCX-equivalent.

Other iPD Summer Sale Items: Bought

102993 Spark Plug Quantity: 5 Total: $8.15
103089 Oil Pan Drain Plug Seal Washer Quantity: 4 Total: $0.92
105053 3 Piece Cleaning Brush Set Quantity: 1 Total: $3.51
107009 Battery Post & Terminal Cleaner Tool Quantity: 1 Total: $2.23
109198 Fuel Injection Test Light Quantity: 1 Total: $4.80
110646 Nitrile Gloves (X-Large) Quantity: 1 Total: $12.59
111044 Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit 1993-1998 P80 850 C70 S70 V70 Quantity: 1 Total: $141.52
112552 ipd MSD Ignition Coil Upgrade Quantity: 1 Total: $92.28
113067 IPD Die Cut Emblem Silver 3.5 x 1 inch Quantity: 4 Total: $7.20
114224 Wiper Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap Quantity: 1 Total: $5.05
115203 Sun Visor Vanity Light Bulb Quantity: 4 Total: $5.60
121092 LED License Plate Illumination Kit Quantity: 1 Total: $10.76


I’ve got an iPD HD CBV kit (blue spring!) waiting to go in, and a new-ish TCV and vacuum lines, so boost should be happy.

Brake lines are due, they’re original. Might as well go HD with braided while they’re on sale, right?

See how easy it is to rationalize all this stuff? 🙂

Volvo performance parts come in many shapes and sizes

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Agreed about the broken/missing washer fluid cap. LOL! Mine cracked in half in the dead cold of winter and I just haven’t haven’t gotten around to ordering a new one. But, rest assured… when I open the hood every Sunday to do my weekly fluid level checks I am reminded of that broken cap. 🙂

– Joe

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