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Hey Ladies, are you dating a fun Volvo owner?

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Dating a volvo owner: We at MWS are very interested in hearing your stories on how you clicked and what happened? Feel free to send us your romantic and not-so romantic escapades with a Volvo Owner. We at MWS would like to know what ladies prefer about Volvo owners: their vehicle or their personality?

We would appreciate if if you could tell us why you prefer to date Volvo owners? And to make matters more interesting, tell us what you do not like about dating volvo owners? How many of you eventually got married to a Volvo owner and would you do the same the next time around?

Feel free to go into details about your romance with a Volvo owner. And did you fall in love with the car as well?

Are you dating a volvo owner? If yes, tell is what the attraction was? the car, the dude or both? Did he ever let you drive his Volvo? did you fall in love with the Volvo? did you end up buying a volvo? Would you date a volvo owner again? Do you specifically date men who drive volvos? Finally, do you think a volvo exudes romance, luxury, wealth or power?

These posts can be anonymous and feel free to send in any pictures of you, the volvo and the dude. The best story will receive a fun prize. You are free to send in as many posts as you want about your dating episodes with a Volvo owner. Since this is a family oriented website, explicit sexual descriptions and events should be avoided. There is no deadline for submission of your posts but we prefer to have them soon. If you do submit a post, please do write that you have provided us with permission to publish your dating anecdote.

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