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Replacement Parts are Hard to Find

Replacement parts for certain volvos can be difficult to access.

Replacement of entire sunroof system Member, atikovi was having trouble with the sunroof not working properly and decided to go to a junk yard and retrieve an entire unit- frame, motor, cables, etc. He then documented (with pictures) how to take it out and then install it into his S70 with success! Although this is for an S70 it should be about the same for any first generation 70’s model and 850’s. Thanks atikovi !

Rear Drive Axle R&R for early AWD’s This is a write-up from holler1 w/ picture on how to remove and replace a rear drive axle in an early 850 or 70 series AWD. Nice job! I think this is a first of this write-up I’ve seen anywhere on the web.

Clutch GAP fix- not the Ghetto fix This is the an official clutch gap fix from a Volvo tech…sent in from someone on another site, but thanks! We’ll use it here.

Bosch MAF Sensor Technical Paper This downloadable PDF document is Bosch’s technical publication on the mass airflow sensor used in many front wheel drive Volvos.

A/C Compressor Clutch gap fix Ozark Lee has links to great places to deal with the compressor gap issue on 850’s and x70 model Volvo’s. This might apply to other models as well. Look at his post near the end of this page. Thanks Lee!

Strut Brace mod for P2’s including S80 I know the title says all Volvo’s but otherwise things don’t fit here. This is really for P2 Volvo’s (’01 and later V/XC/C70’s, S60’s and S80’s) The flimsy metal bar that goes from strut tower to strut tower can be be modified to make a true strut brace that will help your car’s road holding performance, especially when cornering. Thanks vegasjetskier for this addition!

Forum Archives from 2000-2002 This link goes to a page that lists a few hundred discussions from the old forum, pre-2002.

Drive a Volvo because Replacement Parts are Hard to Find

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