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List of 850, V70, S70 and C70 Alloy Wheels

MVS Forums Contributor mikealder compiled a list of 850, V70, S70 and C70 wheels. He helpfully included wheel size, offset, tire size and Volvo color code. Nice.

In the automotive world, alloy wheels are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium. Alloys are mixtures of a metal and other elements and generally provide greater strength over pure metals, which are usually much softer and more easily damaged. Simply put, alloy wheels are the perfect combination of durability and aesthetics for your Volvo.

Alloys of aluminium or magnesium are typically lighter for comporable strength, better heat conduction, and improved cosmetic appearance over traditional steel wheels. Although steel, the most common material used in wheel production, is technically an alloy of iron and carbon, the term “alloy wheel” is usually reserved for wheels made from nonferrous alloys.

Why Volvo Uses Alloy

Your wheels and tires can make or break your Volvo’s style, performance, and handling. Volvo chooses alloy on 850s, V70s, S70s, C70s, and many other models for their looks, strength, and durability. To Volvo enthusiasts, the original wheels have unmistake classic styling and reliability. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put on new wheels with a different look or finish and still keep your Volvo style.

There are plenty of options for alloy wheels that compliment a range of Volvo models and give you the look and feel you’re used to. Whether you’re looking to replace your old, ugly alloy wheels with OEM replacements or you’re upgrading for a different look, you’ll find the info you need to keep your Volvo rolling in style.


MVS Forums Contributor mikealder compiled a list of 850, V70, S70, XC-70 and C70 wheels — all Volvos in the P80 family — meaning 1993-2000 FWD and AWD Volvos. He helpfully included wheel size, offset, tire size and Volvo color code. Nice.

“Note the wheels are sorted by size then alphabetically so if you want to find 17-inch alloys skip past the first few sections with the smaller diameter wheels.”

Volvo C70, S70, V70 Phase One Alloys

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