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Fix S70 Fuel Vent Hose w/o Dropping Gas Tank

MVS Forums Contributor extraordinaire cn90 shows us a novel and remarkable way to fix the fuel vent hose — without dropping the fuel tank:

I have a Fuel Leak, which leaks from the top of the gas tank. I think it is from the Vent Hose.

I benefited from this DIY (Laparoscopic Fuel Hose DIY): … =1&t=54739

If you want to drop the gas tank, here it is:

So, here is my version. If you do it this way (drilling a small 3/8-inch hole), there is no need to drop the gas tank!

PN 9463088 (#23 in the photo): Hose on top of gas tank ~ $19.

1. See the Fuel Leak.


2. Parts Diagram.


3. Remove all the junks from your trunk. Pry the plastic clips, lift up the carpet, remove the 10-mm nuts. BTW, get a box to store all the odds and ends, as they can fall down the spare-wheel well!
* You can see the area of fuel leak. Note that the hose has 2 different I.D.s (3/8-inch and 5/8-inch).

volvofueltank02.jpg (82.37 KIB)
volvofueltank03.jpg (157.78 KIB)

4. Overlay the new hose, so you have an idea where to drill the 3/8-inch hole.

volvofueltank04.jpg (147.3 KIB)

If you drop the gas tank, this is what it looks like (I borrow this photo from the web):

volvofueltank05.jpg (61.81 KIB)

5. Use small drill bits and work your way up to 3/8-inch bit (wear goggles!). Once the hole is drilled, insert a small screwdriver to undo the clamp.

volvofueltank06.jpg (149.61 KIB)

6. Next don’t yank the hose as you may damage the Plastic Blue Connector. Instead, use Vise-grip to twist (rotate) the hose to undo the “bonding”. Now, remove the hose:

volvofueltank07.jpg (128.48 KIB)

7. New hose is a bit tight, given the tight space you have to work with, so 2 tricks will help with the installation:
a. Enlarge the end with a socket, let it sit for a few minutes so the hose gets used to the enlargement.
b. Once done, add 2-3 drops of fresh oil to ease insertion. Don’t forget the clamps!

volvofueltank08.jpg (99.3 KIB)

8. Note the clamp as viewed through the hole.

volvofueltank09.jpg (100.87 KIB)

9. On the outside, somehow a small vent hose became disconnected (it was a loose fit). I re-inserted it and add 2 zip ties to prevent it from coming loose again:

volvofueltank10.jpg (103.81 KIB)

10. For the final touch, I used some black paint and paint the hole to prevent rust. Let the paint dry, then use a Honda body clip (3/8-inch type, same size as the drill bit) that I had laying around to close the hole:

volvofueltank11.jpg (106.81 KIB)

All in all, it is a 1h job, not to bad as you don’t have to deal with dropping the gas tank, not mention that you have to deal with rusty nuts/bolts holding the straps for the gas tank!

Remember to leave the 2 metal covers (that cover the sending unit and fuel pump) off for now while you fill the gas tank to full to check for leak.

That is it boys and girls!

Fuel Vent Hose w/o Dropping Gas Tank

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