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Neil Hates his 2000 V70 R. Here’s Why.

Those long time members here know I hate this car as I am now so far into it from a cost perspective I can never hope to sell it and even make back what it originally cost me without the thousands of $$’s I have invested in it and time. Every time I drive this car it is a case of just waiting for the next thing to break. Only reason it still is here is due to the rarity of the car in laser blue (I believe 1/40 sold in 2000 in North America).

Many of you think I am just joking about it, but mostly I am not.

When the car runs I love it, but there is the issue.

I know it is only a short or almost immediately time for something else to break.

So having just spent $3000 with the dealer to finally rid the car of the incessant groaning from the front suspension it has had for the last 4 years, I have driven the car only 2 or 3 times since you would think I could catch a break (not of the car type).

Driving home from a store on Friday, I made the stupid mistake of thinking it was great the car was running well again and no noises from the suspension. Almost immediately the brake and ABS warning lights came on!! This is the 2nd time I have had an issue with the ABS module type failures. About 3 months ago the speedo and trip/mileage and temp gauge went out. As in that case, next time the car was started all went back to normal. The ABS module was repaired by Xemodex about 6 years ago, and the car has done less than 30,000km since (about 20,000 miles). Naturally I contacted Xemodex, but their lifetime warranty only relates to the previous owner. Not impressed by the warranty and less impressed by the repair. If the issue becomes worse, it will be back to our friend Matty Moo at Mid-West ABS. I’ve had 3 units from him and great support/service/advice so have no problem plugging his business.

Took the car for a trip to PnP yesterday. The ‘boss’ had used the car the day before and adjusted the door mirrors. Try to adjust the RH one and it won’t adjust left to right, only up and down. While at PnP look for another motor but none on any of the P80’s there. Can’t believe there has been such a rush on mirrors!

On the way home I remembered I have a new motor (aftermarket I think) I picked up several years ago when a Volvo parts specialist was selling off clearance parts. Turns out to be the correct one so hopefully it still works!


VRD: Why I hate my 2000 V70R!


Volvo V70 R
Volvo V70 R

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