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How to Buy A P80 Volvo

How to Buy A P80 Volvo

88760RICH asks about buying a P80 Volvo.

We are considering purchasing a V70. Would appreciate any suggestions/warnings as to areas of concern. We have seen multiple ads for automatic transmission problems from 180K-200K miles. Is that to be expected?
Any feedback on turbo vs. non-turbo models?
Any feedback on All Wheel Drive?
What is the “R” model? Is it desirable, problematic?
We currently own a red block, 4 cyl. turbo, rear wheel drive. Can we expect the same durability/dependability from the 5 cyl. front wheel drive?

And he gets some really outstanding advice from the likes of P80 MVP Club members Scot850, j-dawg, Ozark Lee, Abscate, tryingbe and Volvo P80 Wizard RSPI. Here’s Neil (Scot850):

My recommendation would be unless you really need an AWD steer well away from them. A lot of parts are unique to the AWD models. As I am finding out (I own an AWD 2000 ‘R’) some parts are year specific, and in the case of the 2000 ‘R’ are unique to the ‘R’. Several parts are now obsolete also.

I would suggest looking at a 4 speed auto, and if you want a bit of go, go for a turbo FWD car. The ETM that is a problem on a 99-00 model is fairly expensive to repair, not sure of Xemodex prices now, but in the $500 range, and if you are fairly handy with tools not too hard to replace. There are other differences, between 98 and 99-00 models but not many, mostly in the engine. Bodies are the same.


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