New MVS T-Shirts are In!

First MVS t-shirt batch in a long, long time. This is a short run, just 46 units, and I’m down to about 30 already. Sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL.   

EDIT March 10: only XL and XXL remaining.

Get one while they last!

They’re very soft and on the lighter side as far as thin/thick. The cut is a little longer than the average t-shirt, good news for when you work on your Volvo and want to avoid “Plumber’s crack”.

They’re dark grey, and they’re the best quality of four quality levels the print shop offered. 


When I was putting this project together, I checked my closet for which brands I like best… softness, durability etc. American Apparel came up as the brand I like most and has held up the best over the years. I like to keep t-shirts ten years. That’s my standard. I have some AA shirts that hit this mark and a few that beat it. (I actually have a shirt from 27 years ago, I’m a little obsessive and nuts with shirts I love, and I take good care of them.)

MVS Contributors use this link and get 17% off each shirt.

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