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Mvs Newsletter Jan 2019 -

Volvo News

2019 S60 is  the first Volvo built in the US

It’s built in the brand new Charleston, South Carolina plant, and while it’s got that distinction, it might as well be the sexy and fast compact sedan that it is. Some S60 reviews:
Car & Driver

A History of the Volvo Amazon


Polestar 2 Will Be Entirely Android Auto

The entire interface will be run by Google’s Android OS, specifically its Android Auto offshoot. Entertainment, climate control and apparently the dashboard and gauges will be Android. Try it out on a phone or tablet.

Volvo Not Giving Up on Spinning Off Polestar

This isn’t a move born of disdain for its performance electric division. Typically companies spin off divisions into their own discrete company to provide funding, or to inject it with autonomy and a sense of self-determination. Its like a business version of sending your kid off to his/her own first apartment, away from home. They get smart, fast. Reuters

V40 to be End-of-Life’d

The SUV juggernaut continues its roll throughout civilization

Volvo Dealers Fire First Legal Shots vs. Care by Volvo

The group pushing to stop Care by Volvo is the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), which represents more than 1,000 franchised car and truck dealers across the state, according to the filing. The CNCDA calls Care by Volvo a “clever, but illegal, marketing ploy.”

By offering all these services that are typically included in a traditional lease, the CNCDA says that Volvo “usurps the traditional sales role of Volvo dealer franchisees.” This violates state laws that prohibit competition between manufacturers and dealers, the group argues, because the franchisees are trying to sell or lease the same vehicles that Volvo is offering subscriptions for. It also violates the franchise agreements Volvo has with dealers, they say.

Volvo Invests in Wireless Car Charging Technology

Will a Polestar model be the first to incorporate this advancement?

2019 V60 Review: Good, But No Love for Its Suspension    

Like the throng of write-ups a few years ago on the initial SPA cars, the reviewers love the car but have reservations about  the suspension. The reviewed  V60 T6 Inscription had the mid-range suspension with adaptive shocks and large 19-inch wheels, and it felt busy. Sport Chassis  (lower ride height,  firmer,  $1800 as part of the Sport Package) is available, and they drove one, but warned readers away from the option.




 ZionXIX » “I just never imagined the price they would sell it for. I almost died laughing when he told that girl the pcv job required taking most of the engine apart. Volvo 850 T5-R on wheelers dealers”


MVS Contributor Rattnalle’s striking blue V70

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