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Oil Filter Insides – I Did it for Science!

Oil Filter Insides


MVS Volvo Forums contributor northernlights did what you’ve always wanted to do: he cut open an oil filter. Not only that, he did it to two.

After seeing countless videos of people disassembling non-Volvo oil filters, and not finding any pictures of Volvo oil filters, I decided to cut open a pair. Why only two, and which two?

One had to be the standard Mann W917, mostly because discussions about them usually follow this format:

Why do you use Mann filters?
Because Volvo craves them.
But why does Volvo crave them?
Because they are the best.
But why are they the best?
Because they are Mann filters!

The second was a Mahle OC204. This is another euro market product (made in Austria) from a large OEM and aftermarket supplier with essentially the same price point as Mann. And quite frankly, based on the scary pictures I’ve seen, I don’t buy orange filters, and would not encourage anyone else to either.

Oil Filter insides – I did it for science!

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