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How to Remove Intake Manifold

How to get the intake manfold off? New MVS member Skkele: I’m doing a PCV replacement on my P2 V70 at 62k miles, it started consuming oil at an alarming rate. I am having trouble loosening that last passenger side lower bolt. Any tips other than a universal joint and wobble extension?

S60 Clutch Replacement

How hard of a job is an S60 clutch replacement? MVS Moderator abscate, and MVS Contributors tryingbe and kcodyjr go into detail on what to buy, what tools you need, and a general summary of the work involved. They give a good account of the scope and cost of replacing the clutch on a modern, front-wheel-drive Volvo (1990s-2000s).

What is DiCE?

DiCE is the Middleman DiCE is electronic hardware that connects your Volvo to a computer running Volvo diagnostic software called VIDA. It allows two-way communication between VIDA and a Volvo car, primarily to enable a mechanic to either get diagnostic information from the Volvo to fix a problem, or to update the Volvo with the… Read the full article…