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Oil Analysis Tests – Pros and Cons

What to know about Oil Analysis Tests

Oil Analysis Test

MVS Forums members rspi and CN90 and others discuss the utility in getting engine oil analyzed by a lab.

At this age/mileage (160,000 miles for me), it is a good idea to do an oil analysis to check on the health of the engine.

Let’s say there are leaky injectors, it will show as fuel dilution.
Or let’s say there is internal coolant leak, glycol will show up in the oil.

I recently did a Stage 0 tune-up (new spark plugs, cap/rotor, Bougicord, new fuel filter, FI cleaner etc. etc.). You can tell the oil analysis looks good after 5,000 miles. See the report! Oil Analysis Tests

Oil Analysis Test

Bonus! Volvo Facts

Volvo is committed to driver safety

Such is Volvo’s commitment to road safety, it has its own Accident Research Team. These specialists have analysed more than 40,000 accidents since 1970, either by visiting their aftermath in person or recreating them in Volvo’s test lab. “In consequence,” explains Volvo’s head of business sales, Selwyn Cooper, “we have developed a deep understanding of what actually happens in accidents, and draw on this in designing ever-greater safety systems. This all works towards our target that by 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured while travelling in one of our new cars.” Also, the Volvo V40 has been awarded the highest score ever by EuroNCAP, making it the safest car produced.

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