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J Hose Repair Tutorial w/ pics — EVAP Emission Hose

850-s70-v70-xc70-j-hose replacement tutorial

Replacing the J-hose on a 1998-2000 S70/V70/XC70 family is common simply because the J-hose is a common failure point in the EVAP system and will trigger a pesky P0422 or others, and then Check Engine Light.

“My first post and I thought I would try to help others even though there are countless other tutorials. I am driving a 1998 Volvo S70 GLT with 262k miles. Never had any major problems, mileage issue arose such as the heater core failure and what not. Anyways, trying to pass emission test in Nashville, (Franklin) Tennessee. Failed and given the dreaded P0442 trouble code, found this site and off we went with the repair.”

rmmagow says:

“I’m not sure if it is called a J hose, but there’s something very J hoseish on top. I have a 98 AWD. I removed the driver’s side corner light fixture and could then see and feel around the top of the canister. One of my hoses was badly cracked. I cracked it off completely, removed the battery and battery tray and was able to wiggle one end of the broken hose through the hole where the battery tray mounts. I had a piece of hard plastic tubing that snugly fit into the broken end of the hose. I inserted about 2 to 3 inches of hose into that broken end and clamped it with a screw type hose clamp. I then fished it back inside, inserted the other end of the plastic tube into the broken remains of the hose on top of the canister. I tried to make both ends of the broken hose sort of straight so that when I put the plastic part into the top of the canister I was then able to wrap it up a bit with electrical tape to hold it in place. A real jury rig I admit and done with about 95% feel but it is working and my EVAP went READY.”

J-Hose Repair Tutorial w/ pics (EVAP Emission Hose)

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