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Awd Volvo P2 Haldex

Angle Gear & Transfer Case Terminology, Explanation

The angle gear units do not have gear parts available from Volvo as spare parts. The bearings and seals are serviced but not the actual gears. One of the gears is mounted to a spindle using a specialized adhesive and is pressed on. The press fit makes that spindle not usable to properly retain a new gear pressed onto it.

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Fuel Pump Replacement DIY V70XC

My estimate is 1.5 hours to prep, cut and remove pump. Another 1-1.5 hours to re-install, close the opening, seal and re-install everything. You should be at about 3 hrs total as long as you don’t do like I did and install a pump with a broken wire. My total out of pocket was about $475 including the parts, tools, diagnostic fee and tank emptying.

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Why Were Gen 1 AWD Systems so Delicate?

There are a few different systems.
Gen 1 that is the 850 platform is the delicate one.
Gen 2 2001-2002 XC70 is less so but still needs care.
All others since then are very low in problems other than a pressure/temp sensor that has been updated.

The front drive connection to rear drive is via wavy discs splined alternately to input and output with a silicone gel, viscous coupling, VC.
There is also a one way clutch in the VC that is overridden up to approx 30 mph so you can have power to rear wheels in reverse.