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Replacing Volvo Radio Light Bulb for S40

Replace radio bulb S40

Replacing the bulbs in the HU-415 Radio (’01 S/V40 among other Volvo’s) including the LCD panel lighting. Thanks, drvolvo! 🙂


So I was bored tonight and got up the guts to take apart the radio. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on hand. What I can say about the HU-415 Radio is that it slides out from the dash easily if you move the shifter back to L, then the radio slides out nice. Removing the back cables is easy and they are color coded, so you can’t screw them up unless you can’t tell green from gray (could be a problem for some 🙂 ) The face plate came off after taking off three screws on each side of the unit, much like the pictures/directions for the 850 elsewhere on the site. You have to release clips on the side and bottom of the face plate. Unlike the 850, there is no cable to detach. The connections are made when the face plate is in contact with the rest of the radio unit (male to female) and when you separate the face plate from the radio, they simply unplug. These connections are at the bottom of the radio below the tape deck area.

1) You have to remove the circuit board that has the 5 light bulbs. There are about 10 screws. This is show in the step where it mentions disconnecting the connector
2) Remove the 3 slider controls with pliers covered with cloth to prevent scratches.
3) Hard part 1 – you have to unsolder the two top corner holders that hold the silver frame around the LCD to the circuit board. You can then pry up the metal housing, Dont worry if you bend it. It will go back. Be careful not to break any of the tiny switches. There are also two twisty aluminum holders at the top that you have to loosen.
4) Hard part 2 – you can see the blue light on the side. You have un-solder the light from the circuit board. It comes out pretty easy. Leave two holes open after you remove it.
5) Remove the light bulb but keep the black housing and the blue cover.
6) You can use the Radio Shack 272-1092 bulb. Run the leads through the black housing and put back the blue cover. Carefully solder the two thin wires back. Dont over heat them. Just a tiny bit of solder to close the hole and then blow air on to cool it so you dont damage the bulb.
7) Now push the metal housing back and resolder the two corner connectors.
8) If you have never replaced the bulbs before, this is a good time to replace them with the 5 mentioned in the article.
9) Put back screws and sliders and you’re done!

Volvo Radio Light Bulb for S40

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i need radio code whith volvo s40 ragestrer nr eyl 835 thanks

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