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XC90 TuneUp: Oil, Spark Plugs, Air & Fuel Filters, Trans Fluid Flush

XC90 TuneUp

stone36 writes: 

So in the next two weeks I am going to do a full tune up on the xc90 including:
  1. XC90 oil & oil filter
  2. XC90 spark plugs
  3. XC90 air filter
  4. XC90 cabin filter
  5. XC90 fuel filter

I have about 45K on it so I am calling the the 45K tune-up. When I bought this there was not an owners manual so is there anything else I am missing that anyone would recommend for 45K? Also, I have looked at FCP and IPD and both sell OEM plugs for $40-$45 a set, but they also both sell other plugs for $2-$3 each, I know in my 850 the basic copper are the best, but what about this?

This is my first turbo, so any advice on how to treat those differently or what needs to be done that doesn’t in an NA would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone have the process of changing the cabin filter in this?


Download the XC90 TuneUp DIY: Oil, Spark Plugs, Air & Fuel Filters, Transmission Fluid Flush PDF


Spark Plugs

1 – The turbo line that goes front to back will need to be removed. What I did was just remove the clamp ring towards the front of the line (because it is easiest to get to), but there is also one at the back. If you can do what I did, loosen the front clamp and pull the plastic hose out of the rubber.

This is a closer picture of that, you can see the clamp to the left and the right arrow is where the plastic hose (with notches) is removed from the rubber hose.

2 – You will need to remove the cover torx bolts. To remove a couple you will have to move the turbo hose to one side (ore if you removed both clamps just remove it). The left arrow is a little clamp you need to pull on to get the left cover off. There is one on the front and the back.

XC90 TuneUp – Change Oil, Spark Plugs, Air & Fuel Filters, Transmission Fluid Flush


forward muziringa says:

xc90 power failure

Hi. I was wondering if you can help me out on a problem I’m having on a 2006 XC90 2.5l turbo. I don’t know when or how this problem started because I just bought it 1 week prior this way. The Problem is when you get the vehicle around 30 mph and ease off the throttle there is a flutter as if the vehicle is hesitating to change gears. It is not as present or not noticeable if you’re accelerating past 30 mph or you use the manual shifting to higher or lower gears. Any advise would be helpful and thank you in advance.

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