Reset Service Light Volvo S40, V40

S40 and V40 (1999+)

  1. Hold down the odometer button
  2. Turn the ignition so all the lights come on
  3. Keep holding the odometer down for 30 secs or until the service light starts flashing
  4. Release the odometer button while service light flashing
  5. Turn off and on again to check

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  1. The instructions are in the user manual. From memory, you place the headlight switch in the side-lights position, pull back the dipped beam stick whilst switching the ignition on, then whilst holding the stick back, move the headlight switch to either off or on.
    (apologies if that is not quite right)

  2. hi, i have two problems with my s reg v40. the first is that the headlight switch is not working properly. can only get headlights on when set to 0. also the dip beam switch has to be held in place to work. the second problem is the air con. just get a green flashing light. fan will not cut in. any ideas how to fix?

  3. The bright’s headlight switch: pull to you to flash your brights, brights go off when you release it, push it away from you and it locks in place, holding brights on. This is pretty much standard on all cars, all makes. (Only a few are different) Dated a girl college several years ago, going out on night, she complained her brights switch didn’t work, told her to push the switch forward, problem solved.

  4. I have a S40 on a 58 plate Reset Service Remider 1st time (Thank You)

    1st Service From Volvo Dealer £276 after bartering with them they said they would do it for £160

    I got it Done at a Well reputable Garage using Genuine Volvo Parts And Fluids For £160.

    Ok I know that they say hold the trip button down for 30 seconds while you switch on the ignition – but that did not work on my v40.

    By messing about I did manage to get it to work. The lights were in the side light position (dont know if this makes any difference)
    1)with the ignition off, press the trip button and keep holding while you switch the iginition on.
    2)Release within 4 seconds and re-press and hold until the light flashes and you hear a beep. (about 10 seconds)

    Hey presto – its finally OUT.

    I hope this works for you too.


  6. just tried this on my 2005 volvo s40 sport deisel

    worked a treat!

    however make sure you remove your finger from the odometer button while sevrice light is flashing!

    it only flashes 3 times – so be quick!

    happy days

  7. I followed the instructions on resetting my S40’s service light:

    1.Hold down the odometer button
    2.Turn the ignition so all the lights come on
    3.Keep holding the odometer down for 30 secs or until the service light starts flashing
    4.Release the odometer button while service light flashing

    The service light went off after releasing the odometer when the light is flashing. However, when i turn the ignition off and back on, the service light is on again???

  8. head light on right hand side of my volvo v40 2002 is not comming on garage man said no power to it & could be fuse but he couldn’t fine the fuse for it. is there different fuse for each light ?

  9. My volvo 2001 s40 1.9 turbo, some times every morning when i start the engine on is taking a few more seconds, than normally is nedding; can someone help me to fix it. I put on it new spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, and check engine is off and is working god while im driving. When is hot engine if i turn off engine and i turn on engine right away is starting faster. Only is failing when is off for long time or cool engine. I did the scanner and nothing is wrong on scanner screen. Please somebody help me. Thanks.

  10. I just wanted to say that of all threads I read, this was right! Every other one left out one main step, release odometer button while light is flashing, that made the difference, Thanks

  11. To Mario Figueroa I had the same problem with my wife volvo v40 2002 and the problem was fuel pressure regulator. After replace no more. I hope help

  12. Dose anyone know of a code 2404? I was thinking it might just be an easy fix(gas cap) A shop had told me they wanted to take my back seat out to check for a short but honestly… I dont think thats needed. Any help would be appreciated!

    Happy Driving!

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