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CMA Platform Joins SPA For Volvo’s 21st-Century Cars & SUVs

Did you hear CMA Platform Joins SPA

T5 Twin Engine on CMA and T8 Twin Engine AWD on SPA

The new CMA platform page is up, and it details what we know about Volvo’s platform for the smaller Volvos coming out this year and in the next decade (possibly more).

The bigs have been released (SPA platform – XC90, V90, S90, V90 Cross Country), now it’s time for the littles, Volvo’s 40-series. With the CUV (compact SUV) market exploding around the world, and the SPA platform released, Volvo has been turning development attention to an architecture that would serve as the foundation for small vehicles. Enter the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) Platform.

CMA Platform Joins SPA

Volvo CMA Platform

Why develop a new platform?

When an automaker releases a new model, it’s almost never designed completely from scratch or as a one-off. The time and cost of developing a modern vehicle (and the manufacturing facilities to build it) is astronomical. So, in order to produce new models in a reasonable time and at a cost consumers can afford, car makers like Volvo design platforms that can then be tweaked and skinned to create the new models that are released every couple of years.

This is probably obvious to you in cases where the models in question are very similar. For instance, the Lincoln Town Car and Ford Crown Victoria were both built on Ford’s Panther Platform. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, as both models are front-engine, rear wheel drive, body-on-frame, full-size sedans. But, as design and manufacturing technology advance, the flexibility of modern automotive platforms is allowing carmakers to build diverse model lineups that don’t have the obvious similarities of the Town Car and Crown Vic.

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