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Service Light Reset Instructions, Information and Tips

Helpful information regarding your volvo service light.

Most modern Volvo reset service light reminder procedures looks the same. After changing oil, filters and inspecting safety systems in your Volvo, you can easily reset service reminder indicator or message with a simple button combination.

Volvo 850 service light reset.
Volvo 850 service light reset.

How does the car know? (It’s just a dumb timer)

MVS Forum Member Flea asks:

I’ve a new problem here. The “service” light has started coming on now as soon as I start the car but then goes off after about driving 1/2 mile.
I have not done the radiator yet (waiting for tax refund), and I know the brakes need to be done, getting those this weekend, could the “service” light have anything to do with either of those issues ? There is not sputter or hesitation with starting at all, it’s a normal start. Or could this be more then likely a new problem I’m looking at ? Anything, if anything, anyone can offer would be great.
Thanx again guys !!

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

This is the reminder service light. It has nothing to do with your car’s problems or potential problems. It’s acting like it’s suppose to. It comes on every 5000 miles to remind you to change your oil. Unfortunately, on your car you can’t turn it off without a special tool or the dealer can do it for you. Another option is to cover it with black tape or take the bulb out of the instrument cluster, but either way, if it is truly time to change your oil, change it.

I have this Draper Reset Tool that will work on your car.
By the way, that’s a good price. Get it if you need one, or this one (what I paid with the Buy It now).

Instructions for its use is here: … 007ins.pdf

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan added:

Flea, the service light comes on after X amount of miles since the last re-set, no matter what. That’s why it’s so important to reset it after you change your oil, even if it’s not on at that time. It’s no big deal…like I said, it’s just a reminder. If it doesn’t bother you, you can ignore it. It bothers me, so that’s why I got the Draper Tool.

Service Light Information and Tips

volvo service light information


Alex mandovha says:

Can somebody help with the meaning of all the lights(signs) on the control panel

Vitor Cerqueira says:

Hello guys

i have a 2001 S80. Does anyone knows if this model have some hidden menu that allows us to perform a check to the car or to know if the km’s in the odometer are the real ones?

Thank you very much

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