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Using a Volvo S60 to Tow a Boat

How do you go about Using a Volvo S60 to Tow a Boat?
A classic Volvo with boat and trailer, from the Gothenburg Volvo Museum.
Via Wikimedia Commons, credit: Andrzej Otr?bski / CC BY-SA (

Q: I’m thinking about using my Volvo S60 to tow a boat? I am trying to figure out if it is feasible to use my S60 2.4T (FWD) to tow a boat and the most that boat should weigh.

I know the manufacturer’s trailer weight rating is 3,300 lbs. That’s considerable for a car and bests some of the crossover SUVs.

What else do I need to consider, and what else do I need to know as I work to figure this out?

A: The key issues you need to consider when it comes to using your S60 to tow a boat include:
1. Pulling the boat out of the water: The weight will shift off the front wheels and you may lose traction on a wet or steep ramp.
2. Stress on the transmission, especially in hot weather. Consider the length of your planned trips while towing your boat.
3. Accidently submerging the rear axle. You may be able to avoid this with a tongue extension.
4. The “bow up” attitude caused by 200-300 lbs of weight pushing down on the hitch. This may be addressed by installing load-leveling shocks.

S60 Towing a boat

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