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Small Rust Spot Near Trunk

billofdurham » Never use sand paper on a car body unless you are rubbing down filler. On paintwork always use wet and dry paper with plenty of water.

How big is the damaged area – a scratch or larger? Bear in mind that if rust has started to show it could be spreading under the paint and you may be facing a bigger job than it appears.

You need to get the rust off and I always find a Dremel or similar tool, with the correct size stone, is handy for that. Don’t put too much pressure on. You could then treat the area with a rust cure liquid but don’t believe the manufacturers’ claims as they are not a permanent cure. At this stage you could apply two or three coats of primer with a brush and then finish off with two or three coats of top coat. That will keep the weather out for the winter.

If you want a more permanent repair you need to build up the damaged part so it is just slightly proud of the surrounding paintwork. Do this with several coats of high build primer on a brush allowing each to dry thoroughly before applying the next. To help with the drying process use either a hair dryer or, if you are adventurous, a hot air gun. I use the latter but keep it moving so it doesn’t take the paint off again. Once you have the primer to the correct depth gently (not too much pressure) rub it down with a very fine grade, minimum 1,000 grit, wet and dry paper with plenty of water. You only need to rub it back so it is level with the surrounding paint. Now apply the top coats. If the spot isn’t too big you could brush it on or, for a larger area, use an aerosol. Dry each coat with the hot air gun before applying the next. Now forget about it for 4 – 6 weeks then give the whole panel a rub down with a fine cutting compound.

When doing repairs of this type never mask off any of the panel on which you are working. Mask off adjoining panels, windows, handles, trims etc if there is a possibility of paint overspray on to them.

Small Rust spot near Trunk

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • Our commitment to putting people first means ensuring a sustainable word. We strive to make driving as environmentally-friendly as possible. To achieve this, we aim to introduce the first fully-electric Volvo by 2019 and sell one million electrified cars by 2025.
  • Our Accident Research Team is an integral part of our commitment to our 2020 vision. Specialists visit accident sites or recreate crashes in the test lab. They have analysed over 40 000 accidents to find ways to make Volvos even safer.
  • How far will your Volvo take you? American Irv Gordon drove three million miles over 47 years in his Volvo P1800. He’s the first person ever to clock up that mileage in the same-originally owned vehicle. Even more impressive is that he achieved this feat without replacing the engine.

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