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Squeaky dash – solution

volvo squeaky dash

Diagnose and fix you volvos squeaky dash.

Thanks you to MVS forum member yankinwaoz!
Good write up on how to tighten up your dash. Although this doesn’t say V70 it is actually for a V70 but will work for most pre-’01 Volvo’s. (not sure of the setup on the newer P2 cars).

MVS Forum Member yankinwaoz says:

Greetings all.

My Volvo mechanic gave me an easy solution to my squeaky dashboard problem. I just did it (took about 1 hour), and it seems to have solved the problem. I’ll post an update next week to see how long term this is.

This is for a 1999 Volvo V70. I think it should work for other models too.

The problem was a loud and annoying squeak coming from the dash on the passenger side. Sometimes it would go away. But then I would hit a bump and it would come back. I tried removing the glove box… no luck. It sounded like two pieces of plastic rubbing against each other. Similar to how a balloon sounds when you rub it. Very irritating!

He told me to tighten up 4 bolts on the firewall. He said that he would bet that I could get a 1/2 turn on each. These bolts hold the dash frame inside the cabin. I ended up getting 2 whole turns. Here is the procedure.

MVS Forum Member bekko replied:

Is this a great forum, or what? Our ’98 has had that squeek for at least seven years. It will make you crazy. You can jam a pencil between the windshield and the dash board to dampen it, but then the squeek moves to the other side.


MVS Forum Member yankinwaoz added:

I drove the V70 from Santa Barbara to Tucson yesterday. 8 hours, and no squeak.

However, there is some creaking from the dash on roads that are bad. I suspect the creaking has been there all along.

I wonder if I should glue the bolts down?

Squeaky dash – solution

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