Fixing Up 99 S70 T5

MVS member Auburn T5 goes bananas on fixing up a 1998 Volvo S70 T5. Stage 0, new transmission, new struts, shocks and springs, you name it. Documented with photos too. Did a lot of stage zero work – inspected vacuum lines, changed oil filter, fuel filter, top motor mount, k&N panel filter, timing belt, water […]

K&N or Traditional Air Filter?

To date no MAF sensors that were sent in failed due to the filter oil. In one of their tests they submerse a MAF in K&N filter oil and then take it out and and test it. Results were the same as a new clean one.

K&N does not filter as fine as your stock filter but the combustion environment is a messy one and the burt fuel supplies particles larger than the ones K&N lets pass through.

What Is Stage 0?

Stcc Race 1 Ring Knutstorp 24 Maj 2014, Fredrik Ekblom, Volvo Polestar, Stcc,

Stage 0 means to get your Volvo’s critical systems as close to new as you can get, or alternately, to get your Volvo’s components replaced or rebuilt in all areas that can cause problems.

It’s done to increase reliability, economy, in preparation for performance modifications, or all three.

Air filter recommendation

XC90 Air Filter Recommendation The choice is between OEM and a brand called K&N which is supposed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. The K&N can be cleaned with a special cleaner, but does that work well. For the extra $30-40 over the entire life, is it worth it to go K&N. Or should […]