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Android Torque app for OBD2 Volvos

As far as a trojan on the CD, I cannot say I found one. In reality, most intrusion detection products designed for Windows OS would declare false positives as soon as they see an .apk filetype. I scanned the CD with Symantec’s Norton Security Suite (one of the most popular Symantec products) which I have on my Windows machine, and it found a total of 4 unresolved threats inside the Chinese s/w folders and labeled them ‘viruses’. (BTW, the Torque App is among those four.)
I remember having similar experience when I first tried to install VADIS and later on the same thing happened with VIDA.

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Android Torque app and ELM327 Bluetooth

Almost all commonly available ELM327 bluetooth adapters use a Chinese clone of the ELM327 chip. The initial offering of the ELM327 from Elm was not protected; it’s firmware could be easily downloaded, so knockoffs quickly came about. They are much cheaper in quantity than the real ELM327. Finding an adapter with a real Elm Electronics chip is quite difficult, although I haven’t had trouble with the clone. Sometimes it will be reluctant to connect at first, but I suspect this has more to do with bluetooth than anything else.