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Should You Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage?


Should You Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage? Longtime MVS member and Volvo guru precopster asked, and answered, this very question. Note this car needed a good deal of engine work.

Bottom line is $2,000 asking price for a car with 380k kilometres and a head that’s been removed with bent valves. Looks straight in photos but has NO Turbo.

So far seller has been answering questions but is not the owner (local indie repairer that is selling the car)
New brakes, radiator and intercooler. AWD system is working. That’s all I know. I feel that I can negotiate a little on price to $1,500 or $1,600.


Wrangled a deal with the seller. He threw in a good 16T turbo and lowered the price to $1,500. Looks like my spare 20V head with 70K miles will bolt up with the VVIS manifold (with short intake runners chosen) or I can swap the valves out of my head into the R head.

The bores look really good with zero lip and little damage from the clashing valves on the piston tops.

The body is very straight and interior/door panels are very good but I DO have some work ahead of me. My first performance car ever!!

A month later:

Well I’m still not 100% with all the vacuum hosing but I managed to start the car today and run it home from my friend’s workshop. The hydraulic lifters were a little noisy for the first 5 minutes or so (I didn’t soak them in oil at all, in fact they had been draining for afew months prior to my ownership so I didn’t see the point)

  • New parts fitted:
  • Head gasket
  • 20 valve stem seals
  • Front & rear cam seals
  • Timing belt (Bando)
  • Timing belt tensioner pulley (French made SKF)
  • Rotor arm
  • Breather box to head pipe
  • Breather box to inlet pipe
  • Idler roller (Japanese NSK)
  • Hydraulic tensioner from my 1993 960 (only had around 20K miles) with 2mm stainless steel spacers
  • 1992 960 GMB water pump without gasket (used Reinzosill sealant)
  • New turbo to exhaust seal
  • New NGK spark plugs
  • New turbo drain pipe to turbo gasket and O ring
  • New serpentine idler roller
  • New serpentine tensioner bearing
  • New torque rod bushing

I’m getting a couple of codes so I need to redo some of the vacuum connections and tighten the MAF pipe to turbo (left it loose) . I missed the all important elbow on the left of the manifold as well.
Also the heater core firewall coupling needs replacement and the electrical ignition switch is playing up.

Should I Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage?

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