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Angle Gear & Transfer Case Terminology, Explanation

Angle Gear, Diff & Transfer Case

Angle gear is a bevel gear is a transfer case. Different names for the same 90 degree gearbox that bolts to the sideways oriented transmission and turns the power flow 90 degrees so the driveshaft points to the rear axle with the AWD control system on the front of rear differential.

Volvo AWD
The angle gear units do not have gear parts available from Volvo as spare parts. The bearings and seals are serviced but not the actual gears. One of the gears is mounted to a spindle using a specialized adhesive and is pressed on. The press fit makes that spindle not usable to properly retain a new gear pressed onto it.

Angle Gear & Transfer Case Terminology, Explanation


Volvo xc90 05 awd The centre transfer box is gone and I am driving on front wheel drive Is this ok or will it put pressure on anythin else The wire for engaging the 4 wheel drive on the rear diff is disconnected so the back wheels run freely

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