Improve Headlight Output with Projectors

New MVS Forums member and now MVS Contributor Darkfleet explains how he upgraded the headlights on his 1999 XC70. The DIY writeup joins a strong group of headlight upgrade and improvement tutorials and information like this one, this one, this one and this one. This writeup is tailored to his XC70, but this will work […]

Upgrade Headlights – What to Buy

Volvo P80 headlights are now fifteen+ years old. That means dull, yellow illumination at night… unless you do something about it, like upgrading the bulb (low cost/low benefit), lens, reflector or the whole thing. When replacing everything, you can choose to go stock halogen, swap to projector or jewel headlights, or even HID. As you’ve […]

The Volvo Bulb Guide

Replace bulbs in pairs. Bulbs dim with age. If one side went, the other is probably close and can look dimmer than the new one on the other side. The used one can always be put back in the package, marked as “used spare,” and kept in the trunk.

Aftermarket HID Bulbs Produce Glare

Headlight glare: HID bulb vs halogen bulb

So I put in one HID bulb and left in a stock halogen bulb. I walked down the road and got a subjective sense of comparative glare, and I also videotaped the beams on a wall. My conclusion is that the HID produces far, far more glare. I did not do any test to determine […]

HID Error Code Eliminators

Assuming your car has stock 55w wiring: -A 35w HID kit will need the BOW3 eliminator. -A 55w HID kit will not need the BOW3 eliminator. Alert! New addition to the forum topic Error Code Eliminators by MVS Contributor (thank you!) Kelvin6. Very interesting because it’s free and easy. I did some research on the wiring […]

Headlight Projectors – A Substitute for HID?

We’ve covered here in the MVS Volvo Forum many posts about improving Volvo headlights and illumination: headlight bulbs, replacing dull headlight reflectors, installing HID kits, corner light cosmetic mods, side marker lights, even fog light troubleshooting. Among these, the most important for the average driver however is simply more light on the road during night driving. Simply […]

Dull headlights, what’s the cheap fix?

Where to go for inexpensive, DIY improvement in light? SilverStars? E-code glass? jewel headlights? HID Xenons? I have a 98 S70 and the headlights are really not very powerful at all. I can drive with my brights on and nobody flashes me. My bulbs are fairly new (within a year) and are the GE halogens […]