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DIY: 1998 S70 Hood Cable Replacement

If you keep any car long enough, chances are the hood cable will break at some point. Mine just broke the other day. New Volvo Cable for my 1998 S70 is Volvo PN 9444027, $36 at dealer.

Only after I did this job that I realized that this can be done for $3 using a bicycle cable with diameter approx. 1.0 mm (and much less time than because you remove nothing doing it this way)!

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Add Hood (Bonnet) Emergency Cable

I recently pulled my hood release… and disaster. Nothing happened. It turned out I was lucky: the crimp on the end pulled off, so I was still able to open the hood with pliars. I couldn’t get a replacement cable in good time, so instead just crimped a new end on the old cable. Obviously I’m worried about how weak it might be getting, so decided to add “emergency” opening cables which are accessible from outside the hood.