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Best Year & Model XC90 From 2004 to 2007?

I’ve been looking at used Model XC90 for a little over a year. I’ve read some ratings and reviews and find them – mixed. Also when looking at a dozen or so by owner ads, they mention “new transmissions”. I’ve run my 2 Volvos (96 850 and old wagon) up to almost 200k miles and never had to replace transmissions or any thing major. Is there a problem with this model or particular years I should stay away from? What is the best year & model XC90 from 2004 to 2007? I will only be using to tow a pop up once a year or so.

RE: BEST YEAR & MODEL XC90 2004 – 2007?

RedGeminiPA » November 17th, 2013, 8:34 am My first post, and this is a good topic.

I picked up my first Volvo yesterday. It’s an ’04 XC90 2.5T AWD (154k miles) with Climate, Premium and Versatility Packages and Bi-Xenon headlights (those headlights are pretty amusing, though not the greatest in function). I think it has the Security Package, but I’m not sure how to check for sure. I’m also not sure how to check to see exactly which sound system it has. … s_options/

When I first spotted it for sale at a local small used car dealership, I immediately started doing research.

I have no idea what its history is, but the dealer did have to tackle the leaking sunroof issue before I purchased it. I witnessed them thoroughly drying out the carpets and sealing the drain tubes, so I’m not concerned at the moment. I will, however, be working to modify the drains in the near future to make sure the problem is resolved as best as possible. I did have it checked over by my mechanic/garage before placing a deposit on it last week. Tires and rear brakes were the only problems found.

They replaced the tires and rear brake pads and rotors, and had the state safety inspection done.

When I went to make the purchase yesterday, the battery was nearly dead and needed jumped. Now there’s a warning to Service Security System. I read a tip I’ll have to try. A new battery may be in order.

Shortlist of items I’ll be doing:
Installing a GROM unit for Bluetooth … 02-06.html
Fixing the driver’s side third row seat fold issue.
Possibly a new battery
Restitching the seam on the driver’s seat (semi-common complaint I’ve read about) – leather is fine, thread missing.

Eventual fixes:
Passenger’s side mirror outer housing is broken along the edge.
Driver’s side lower taillight is cracked
Half the lights in the stereo are out – didn’t research that one yet.
A new key/remote or two. Only one with it, and the spring is broke. I’ll have to consult the dealer and local locksmiths about programming etc. before making any purchases.

Engine Advice — Which XC90 to Choose

JDS60R » Anything with a 4T65 transmission is to be avoided. (Often coupled to the 6 cylinder). The feedback I get is that the xc90 is underpowered with either motor. The front wheel drive xc90 still weighs 800 lbs more than the xc70 station wagon AWD. By 07 I think they stopped offering the 4t65 and substituted a TF80-SC . Which I “think” is commonly called a AW41 in the industry

huzzsaba » Anything with the 2.5t engine should be trouble free provided maintenance was kept up. With a good tune up using original parts, and proper gas, it will not feel to be underpowered.

Volvo Buyer’s Guide

In addition to the information in the MVS Volvo Forums post (link below), I suggest browsing the Volvo Buyer’s Guide. It contains dozens of helpful do’s and don’ts for all used Volvos.

Do your homework, read up on forums like this one, and talk to the pros. Finally, get the car inspected by a professional mechanic; the few hundred dollars will save you a major league headache.

RE: BEST YEAR & MODEL XC90 2004 – 2007?

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