Headlight Output Improvement Advice & Links

Full Headlight Upgrade - Old . vs. New test at night against a white fence

There’s been several interesting and helpful forum topics lately regarding improving Volvo headlight output. Given that some P80 models we’re talking about are up to a quarter-century old, you might consider putting this at the top of your to do list. Headlight improvements are an attractive use of your time for several reasons: It’s a […]

Upgrade Headlights – What to Buy

Volvo P80 headlights are now fifteen+ years old. That means dull, yellow illumination at night… unless you do something about it, like upgrading the bulb (low cost/low benefit), lens, reflector or the whole thing. When replacing everything, you can choose to go stock halogen, swap to projector or jewel headlights, or even HID. As you’ve […]

Dull headlights, what’s the cheap fix?

Where to go for inexpensive, DIY improvement in light? SilverStars? E-code glass? jewel headlights? HID Xenons? I have a 98 S70 and the headlights are really not very powerful at all. I can drive with my brights on and nobody flashes me. My bulbs are fairly new (within a year) and are the GE halogens […]

New Grille, Headlights and Foglights

How to Freshen Your Volvo’s Look with Jewel Headlights Who says you’re stuck with the way your 1990s Volvo looks? Take a look at Volvo Forum member georgeleedom‘s remarkable 1999 Volvo S70 front end update. This is simply an outstanding refresh. And it’s functional too: better light on the road. Details: lighting came from swedishautoparts.com, […]