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It’s amazing what a New Grille, Headlights and Foglights can do.

How to Freshen Your Volvo’s Look with Jewel Headlights

S70 front end freshening: new grille, headlights and foglights

Who says you’re stuck with the way your 1990s Volvo looks? Take a look at Volvo Forum member georgeleedom’s remarkable 1999 Volvo S70 front end update-New Grille, Headlights and Foglights. This is simply an outstanding refresh. And it’s functional too: better lighting on the road at night.

The lighting came from, genuine Volvo
“Tony and knocked about 20% off since I bought everything at once” fogs came with the grilles, rocker switch, jumpers and relay
wiring is already there since they were an option for the S70
“instructions were very detailed”
I’m a shade tree mechanic at best, but installed everything myself in a couple hours. The vision at night is unbelievable brighter. It’s a much bigger difference than I expected. I’ve done a lot to make the car go faster and handle better. It’s nice to be able to see up the road a bit.

Hoov says:
“WOW! SOOO Cool!
I’m usually not interested in appearance “mods”
Most times I prefer the stock look simply because I like vintage cars but THIS is wonderful!
Well done!
Have you got a write up in the works or thinking about putting one together? … It would be popular … What inspired you to do this? I mean, are you just into design or simply hated the old look or maybe just “saw” this in your head & then decided to do it?
Awesome mod! Stellar idea. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts about this. The results are Killer!”

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