Volvo In Bad Shape? Taking a Trip? Read This.

Should I Try a Long Roadtrip in my 850? Comments, suggestions and advice on what to do before you leave on a long trip in a Volvo with high miles, and perhaps one that is not in the best condition. “I’m thinking of a road trip to Toronto from Minneapolis, which is about 1,600 miles […]

Rules for Claiming Over 38 MPG in a Volvo

Just now in the Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 & V70-XC Forum I wrote some quick rules primarily involving taking photos of your odometer during trips if you want to claim any MPG over 38. Yes, that’s an arbitrary number. We don’t need a Guinness Book of World Records analyst next to you every mile, […]

Almost 40MPG in a Volvo S70!

Headwinds, tailwinds, Stage 0 (tune), tire inflation, passenger and luggage and a myriad of other factors combine to give you your Volvo’s miles-per-gallon on any given trip. Here we have a Volvo Forum topic discussing all those variables and more. What are drivers doing to increase mileage per fill-up? Almost 40MPG in a Volvo S70!

Volvo Working on Mechanical(!) Regenerative Braking

regenerative braking KERS

… but it’s not the usual regenerative braking found on hybrid-electric vehicles. Volvo calls it KERS, and it is mechanical. The Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) developed by Volvo uses energy created during the braking of the vehicle to spin up a flywheel at speeds of up to 60,000 rpm. With the flywheel spinning at […]

XC90 – Replacing Oxygen Sensors DIY Tutorial

Replacing heated oxygen sensors is a low-medium level DIY project you can do to save money on car repairs, and if your sensors are old, can increase your fuel economy. Really straight foward to swap out. They should be done on a COLD XC90, i move it all of 10feet and running for 3 minutes […]

I Met Some MVS Members

S60 R

Stone 36 from Logan, Utah and IVIustang (Jesse) from Saskatchewan, Canada. On Saturday I got to talk with Stone, author of XC90 Front Brake Job tutorial, for about an hour, and I checked out his very pretty 2005 XC90. He drove himself and five passengers down from Utah in his XC90 (some of them kids, […]

Improving highway mpg S60 R 05, auto transmission

Tips to improve highway MPG economy with an S60 Tuneups, tire pressure, average speed changes, air filter… these are all things that affect fuel economy of our Volvos. What can you do besides these tips? Should you go all the way to an expensive performance ECU upgrade or an exhaust upgrade? improving highway mpg S60 […]

Cold Air Intake (CAI) Tutorial

Want more power? I’ve had a bug in my head to do this ever since Pete in Australia posted his cold air intake modification years ago. Mine is really no different. Just better documented ;-). Want more power, more efficiency? Don’t mind getting your hands dirty? Don’t mind checking on your work every month or […]

It really saves gas and gives power!

Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment Specifically, Fuel Additives Generally Pro I am using it now for the second gas fill up and notice a significant change in gas saving and power. I guess it does the upper cylinder cleaning as it states on the label. Con I get 32+ without additives. There is no science behind […]

What’s your best Highway fuel economy?

Highway Mileage Poll Volvo 850, S70, V70 and XC70 I actually got 36 mpg during a recent trip returning to Dallas from Tulsa. I attained this magic number during a series of tests of fuel consumption in my ’98 S70 T5 at various speeds from 100 to 50 mph for 10-mile intervals on the Indian […]

Bad Gas?

Bad Fuel Causes: Water (Plus Ethanol Discussion) I am a fuel distributor and have several repair shops and or stations. Most cars have not been affected,because fuel has been run thru the system on a regulars basis. Several older cars, we had to flush the tanks and fuel systems after they stopped running due to […]

The Big Roadtrip: Overloaded

It was a monster, clocking in at 1370 miles, 13.4 miles per gallon, and 60 mph average speed. I stopped at a weigh and check station in Idaho and found the trailer was around 4500 lbs, 1200 lbs. overweight for the 850. I could have lost the transmission on my 850, but I got lucky. […]

Airbox Thermostat Mod Increases Fuel Economy

A simple modification to the N/A (non-trubo) 850 will increase your power, decrease your gas usage and actually is better for the environment. “If you own a N/A (N/A = non-turbo) 850 or S70 (and maybe others), you may wish to check your airbox thermostat. What I discovered three weeks ago shocked me about my […]